CD review: Hands All Over, Maroon 5

Jordan Huesers, Entertainment editor

I will admit I am not a huge music whiz, but I am capable of deciphering a good album from a great one.
Unlike some of their previous music, Maroon 5‘s latest album Hands All Over falls flat.
The band previously released two multi-platinum albums, Songs About Jane and It Won’t Be Soon Before Long.
Scoring many hit singles with those albums, including my personal favorite “She Will Be Loved,” the band won three Grammy Awards and a place in my heart.
However, this new, average pop album deviates from their tried and true roots.
I’ve always been somewhat of a fan, mainly because of the unique, high-
pitched vocals of singer Adam Levine, but this album was truly a disappointment.
The band definitely experimented with their sound, especially noticeable in the song “Out of Goodbyes.” In this song, featuring Lady Antebellum, the band ventured into the country genre. The lyrics were so-so, the beat was not catchy and the combination of the two singers was hard on the ears.
In “Give a Little More” Maroon 5 attempted to create a funky beat. The entire song sounded the same and the lyrics were very repetitive. Levine ends the song with a “woo,” and I am left with one question: How does he get his voice that high?
The only thing to say about the radio hit “Misery” is I completely agree with Levine when he sings, “I am in misery.” Especially while listening to this album.