Taking it to the stage

Jordan Huesers, Features Editor

Five minutes to show what she can do.

Five minutes to perform with all she has.

Five minutes will decide her role in the musical.

Senior Lauren Flack is a three-year member of the repertory theater and Chambers, and a two-year member of Chorale.

She will audition with around 60-90 students for this year’s musical, Beauty and the Beast, Nov. 16-18.

Producer and vocal director Marsha Moeller selected Beauty and the Beast because of the abundant number of roles, the music and the diverse characters.

Beauty and the Beast fits this year’s kids really well and fits the talent we have,” she said.

A typical audition for a part in the musical includes a solo of 16-32 bars from a song Moeller selects. The next day, the performer will learn a dance from choreographer Ann McCroskey, practices it for 30 minutes, then performs it on stage.

Callbacks are made on the final day for lead roles.

“The more auditions and more experience you have, the easier the auditions,” Flack said. “I know how it is going to work so it alleviates some of the stress for me.”

Flack said she views auditions as an opportunity to have her own personal stage time.

“As a young performer you don’t always get the opportunity to be the lead role, so the audition is like your own special mini performance,” she said.

Flack said this musical fits the department because it features a large amount of lead roles.

“This year’s senior class is big in the sense of it has a lot of talent and a lot of capability,” she said.

Over the summer, Flack participated in the performance of Beauty and the Beast at the Jewish Community Center as a dancer.

“It is going to be great to do this same musical with another group of people,” she said. “It is definitely going to be a different experience working with kids my own age instead of a lot of adults.”

During the auditions, Moeller and drama director Jeff Yarnell take a student’s acting, singing and dancing abilities into consideration.

“I have confidence with the people running the show,” Flack said. “I trust they will choose the best people for each part, whether for me that means a lead role or the chorale.”

Moeller posted sign-up sheets for auditions Monday across from the choir room. Students can continue to sign up for auditions through Nov. 16.

Moeller encourages everyone to audition, not solely students involved in performing arts. The musical is scheduled for Feb. 19-21.