New band, Allstar weekend, surprises listeners with refreshing lyrics

Sam Brennan, Ads Manager

Usually the CD’s that are sent to the Newspaper staff are rubbish.
They send us some weird groups and we like to hang up their posters to add to the already cluttered walls in room 450.
Yesterday, we got a CD from Allstar Weekend. We dutifully hung up the posters, and picked out the cutest guy in the band (Zachary Porter) and began to idolize him.
We popped the CD, Suddenly Yours, into iTunes for giggles.
But wait, they were actually good.
They sound like Owl City mixed with lyrics that remind me of Taylor Swift.
Music that isn’t about getting drunk in the club. How refreshing.
Allstar Weekend features Porter with vocals, Nathan Darmody on guitar, Cameron Quiseng on bass and Michael Martinez on drums.
Allstar Weekend got their big start on Disney’s special Next Big Thing (or N.B.T. to enthusiasts). Don’t worry they are not like the JoBros or Miley Cyrus. They are actually singing – not auto-tuned to the maximum.
Their music is dynamic, smart and interesting to listen to.
Yes, Disney does have the potential to make music that isn’t meaningless.
Songs like “A Different Side of Me” sound like music that the radio should be playing until we get sick of it.
In a music industry that is loaded with pop queens like Lady Gaga, Ke$ha and Katy Perry, hearing music by regular guys is refreshing.
They don’t have the fist-pump jams that the Jersey Shore cast would approve of, but they do have music that you will love to drive in your car with or listen to late at night.
Sure, they aren’t stars yet but Allstar Weekend will find there stardom soon.