Blog: Top 10 reasons to see Inception this weekend

Caitlin Holland, Editor-in-chief

The summer hit Inception was released on DVD and BlueRay earlier this week. Here are my top ten reasons to buy a copy and watch (or re-watch) the hit this weekend:

1. You will not fully understand this movie the first (or second or third) time you watch it.
2. The action is second to none. The best part is the floating fight scene in the hotel.
3. The stars are great — Ellen Page and Leonardo DiCaprio steal the show.
4. All of your friends are probably talking about the movie. Watch it this weekend to have a conversation starter.
5. You will be able to use new, awesome phrases in your everyday life like “limbo.” I.e., “Your friend request is in limbo right now.”
6. You will feel smarter after seeing it.
7. It’ll occupy a couple and a half hours of free time (probably more – you’ll want to watch it more than once).
8. The spinning top in the last scene will determine whether you are a pessimist or an optimist.
9. If you haven’t seen this movie – it’s time. If you’ve seen it before – it’s time to see it again.
10. Inception is a great movie you just need to see for yourself.

If you’ve seen this movie yourself, post a comment about what you think.