Arthur charms viewers, not critics

Sam Brennan, Ads Manager

I don’t care how much the critics hated Arthur.
They are clearly cold-hearted. They are old grey-hairs who sit around alone waiting to criticize films.
Arthur wasn’t made for people with no hearts. Arthur was made to be whimsical.
Trust me, it succeeds.
Arthur wasn’t made for people who hate adorable love stories. Arthur was made to be sweet.
Honestly, if you sit through Arthur with out smiling or laughing, you have a major problem. Get checked out.
Comedian Russell Brand plays a lovable alcoholic struggling with his addiction. Dame Helen Mirren plays the mothering nanny Hobson. New-comer Greta Gerwig plays a tour guide without a licence, Naomi. Jennifer Garner plays crazy Susan. And Geraldine James plays the unfeeling Vivienne.
What could go wrong?
Arthur falls in love with Naomi right after his mother tells him that he must marry Susan.
It is a romantic fairy tale of misadventures.
The movie is funny.
What more could you ask for?
All right, there is no depth.
Do you want it?
I went to see Arthur with my friends; I wanted to simply enjoy a movie. It wasn’t meant to revolutionize the world.
So go see Arthur if you like having a good time and if you like laughing. If you don’t, then don’t see it.