Fifth Wall Comedy Troupe performs, next show scheduled.

Maegan Kabel, Web Editor

The Fifth Wall Comedy Troupe performed in the Black Box Theatre on Wednesday, Nov. 30.
The troupe of 14, led by seniors Jake Miller and Alex Petersen, performs improv skits and games based on topic suggestions from the audience.
“I enjoy the adrenaline and the fastness, and having to think on our feet,” Miller said. “With the connections we have with each person on the team, we improv and it ends up being funny.”
Fifth Wall’s next show will be on Friday, Dec. 30 at Take 5 Coffee + Bar. Miller said people coming to the show should expect chaos.
“We do funny, but it always ends up being a crazy mess of fun and unexpected tricks,” he said. “It’s always new things that we never expect to happen but they always do.”