Of Monsters and Men CD brings unique folk sound to U.S. music scene

Annie Matheis, Features Editor

The band Of Monsters and Men released their debut CD on April 3.
And, let me tell you, this is a band worth checking out.
The Icelandic band was formed by singer Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir. The band rose to fame after winning the Músiktilraunir music competition in Reykjavík, Iceland. Since then, their song “Little Talks” has made its way onto the radio waves in the U.S, and the band is currently on its first U.S. tour.
On the band’s website, it describes itself as “an amiable group of day dreamers who craft folkie pop songs.”
And that is just what their music is.
A mix of eclectic instruments put with catchy choruses and Hilmarsdóttir’s brilliant voice.
While their sound is rather “folkie,” their sound is completely unique with their use of brass instruments and off-beat harmonies.
The songs “Little Talks” and “Mountain Sound” are definitely worth listening to, as well as opener “Dirty Paws.”
But, really, their whole album of 14 songs is only $6.99 on iTunes. Now that’s just a bargain.
If you like the folk-sound of Mumford and Sons and Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine’s breathtaking melodies, this is definitely a new band you should check out.