GTAV: Staffer reviews newest version of popular game, discusses additions to gameplay


Makayla Nicholis, Staff Writer

Midnight finally struck on Sept. 17, but the line outside GameStop had been growing for quite some time before then. Gamers waited anxiously with bated breath until, at last, they held their copies of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) in their hands for the very first time.
GTA V is a free-roam game in the virtual city of Los Santos, where players assume the role of criminals to achieve tasks they would never have the guts or immorality to do in the real world. It is, in all senses, a boy’s dream videogame. Between the pimped-out car chases and the wide variety of weapons, blood and not-so-Catholic ladies, there’s not much illegal activity this game is missing.
The storyline follows the crimes of loving father Michael De Santa, car repo man Franklin Clinton and the psychopathic Trevor Philips. While the graphics may be substantially better, not much else has changed from the previous version — or any versions, for that matter. Players are always discovering new activities to do in the game, but the basic plot remains along the lines of planned robberies, assassinations and theft on a major scale.
This game is extremely explicit and may be considered offensive to a lot of people, but that hasn’t stopped millions of players from enjoying its provided entertainment.
Scores of these same gamers are currently caught up in the new way of playing: GTA online.
There have been a lot of complaints about how slowly the system runs and how many glitches there seem to be. However, people keep on coming back for more.
GTA is considered a gamer’s classic although some could say every game is the same thing over and over. Which may be true — then again, does stealing cars and running prostitutes over with them ever really get old?


“It’s like real life, but better.” — senior Will Munholland

“I can do all the things I’ve ever wanted without any of the consequences.” — senior Aquib Jamal

“Well, it’s a great game. Everything about it is better than GTA IV. Also, the online [game] is great, too.” — senior Connor McCombs

“It’s probably the best game ever made. There’s so much you can do, and there’s just so much to take in.” — senior Dominic Buzzelli

“I guess what makes [GTA V] better is it can appeal to all types of people, whether you’re into fantasy gaming or [simulation]-gaming. Also, it’s just so open-ended and kind of gives you a break from reality. We all dream of owning a big mansion with six different types of exotic cars while you’re also the CEO of some big-time company, and you can do that in GTA.” — senior Josh Washington

“GTA V: now with elite navy seals disguised as cops.” — senior Justin Marin

“There’s nothing you can’t do in GTA. I like [GTA V] better than the others because you can control more than one player, and multiplayer is pretty cool, too.” — senior Blake Hoy

“You can take selfies with dead hookers.” — junior Colton Mantyka

“I can finally fulfill my dream of picking up a hooker and dropping her off in a nicer part of town.” — senior Tristan Thuro

“Fun family game — great for the kids.” — junior Nick Bodine

“You can do almost anything. [GTA V] is kind of the same as the others, just more beefed up. But I love that there’s really no limits.” — junior Brandon Fordiani

“In GTA, I can run over people.” — senior Ryan Russell

“I mean, mass murders are always cool as long as there’s a Roman numeral in the title.” — sophomore Joe Nicol