Staffer reviews Disney’s recently “Frozen,” comments on BV’s obsession with the film

Meredith Strickland, Staff Writer

Disney’s newest princess movie “Frozen” was released on November 27, 2013. According to IMDb, “Frozen” has received a rating of 8.1 out of 10. It has also been nominated for two Oscars and won a Golden Globe.
The story of “Frozen” is not the typical “fairy tale” where the prince and princess fall in love — this story is about a queen with magical powers and a princess learning to find love and peace.
Queen Elsa is gifted with the powers of creating snow and ice. She is taught to conceal her powers by being locked in her room after harming Princess Anna. Queen Elsa isolates herself from everybody by choosing to keep the castle closed after her parents’ death.
Princess Anna used to build snowmen and play with Queen Elsa until the powers of Elsa harmed her. Princess Anna feels alone and must avoid Queen Elsa.
The story progresses as the two face their challenges of never being accepted and learning who to trust.
Two other characters, Kristoff and his trustworthy reindeer named Sven, help Princess Anna through her journey to save their beloved land.
The one character whom everyone is obsessed with is the humorous snowman named Olaf. Olaf is a cheerful and funny snowman who always dreams about summer. His hilarious remarks throughout the film can keep the mood light and entertaining.
The songs that are most known from the film are “In Summer” by Olaf, “Let It Go” by Elsa and “Love is an Open Door” by Anna and Hans.
The catchy new songs Disney created are heard everywhere in the halls of Blue Valley. Ever since the film was released Olaf and the rest of the characters are always mentioned somehow throughout the day.
Disney’s “Frozen” has become a major film of the year for all ages. The story teaches key morals of life and entertains anyone who watches. The “Frozen” obsession still continues as Olaf never melts.