Keeping It Classy: Preppy trends currently in style for high school students; favorite brands, trends highlighted


Bridget Howard, Staff Writer

Fraternity Collection
From their pocket tees to their tailgate koozies, Fraternity Collection has risen to the top of the prep world. While preparing for upcoming Greek recruitment season, Nathan Pearce and Peter Rafferty wanted to create a true southern “Party Shirt.” Their most commonly purchased product is the pocket tee with which you can choose the pattern. Their prices range from $5 to $100. You can find their products at

Patagonia is a high-end outdoor clothing line that started in Ventura, California. The company’s roots focused mainly on rock and alpine climbing and has since moved to ski, surfing and regular outdoor apparel. There are currently 53 Patagonia locations worldwide, 26 of which are located in the United States. Their prices range from $20 to $400. There are currently 30 U.S. locations, none in Kansas, but you can visit their website at

Southern Tide
Founded in Greenville, SC in 2006 by Allen Stephenson, this brand features shirts, shoes and accessories for men and women. The companies biggest success has been the Skipjack Polo shirt, which is very popular among students for it’s versatility and comfort. They are featured in over 750 retailers Their prices range from $2 to $200.

Lilly Pulitzer
Lilly Pulitzer is a high-society brand featuring women’s and men’s apparel, accessories, footwear, bedding, stationery and an exclusive bridal collection. The woman behind this brand was indeed Lilly Pulitzer herself, otherwise known as the “Queen of Prep.” Currently there are 37 Lilly stores, but her products are sold in retailers all over the country.  The Lilly line is locally featured in the store, Under the Palm Tree in Town Center or online at

Vineyard Vines
Vineyard Vines started off in Martha’s Vineyard by brothers Shep and Ian Murray. The brand began with ties and expanded into shirts, belts, hats, jackets, pants and other accessories. Their product prices range from $5 to $300. They currently have 23 stores and eight outlet locations. Locally, you can find Vineyard Vines at Von Maur and Halls on the Plaza.

After slipping on a boat, Paul Sperry decided he would create the perfect non-slip boat shoe. The Sperry Topsider was then introduced. Although they are known for their classic boat shoe, the company also features boots, loafers, sandals, heels and slippers. Their prices vary from $6 to $200. Sperry shoes are featured in more than 2,000 stores across the United States. To find Sperry’s, you can visit their website at or their store on the Plaza.


“I really like Guy Harvey because you can’t get them here unless you go online,” senior Kyle Kupchin said. “They are different types of shirts that you don’t really see around Kansas because it is deep sea fishing apparel. I like it because nobody wears the brand besides a couple of people in our school. My sisters are my main motivation because they are what I like to call ‘fashionista’s.’”

“I like oxfords, loafers, and anything Lilly [Pulitzer],” junior Grace Fredrick said. “I love my Tory Burch Reva Flats and my bright pink Lilly Pulitzer dress I wore to Sweetheart this year. I think the investment in great quality clothing will be worth it because if you take good care of your clothes, they’ll last forever.”