Senior Raise Your Voice: Seniors share knowledge gained throughout high school

Meghan Kennedy and Maddie Jewett, Staff Writer & Features Editor

What is your favorite memory of high school?
Chloe Rogers:
“My favorite memory was getting second at State [volleyball] my junior year. It was bittersweet because we didn’t win but we made it that far. It was sad because it was the last time I got to play with the seniors that year.”

Kelly O’Donnell:
“My favorite memory was when Truman Cassidy did the Pokémon theme song in front of everyone in ELA.”

Hillary Heizman:
“The West [football] game and being able to go to State. I was so proud of my friends, and it was cool to end your senior year with a State championship.”

Grace Lillis:
“My favorite memory is Mexico because I got to spend every day on the beach with my best friends.”

Hunter Murray:
“My favorite memory is when Cale and I scootered from his house to mine. It was, like, five miles.”

Cale Reber:
“When we won State [football] because we worked hard all four years. We have that bond between everybody, and the whole school came together when we won. It was so memorable.”

What advice do you have for underclassmen?
Alex Peterson:
“Cuff yo chick.”

Aubrey Jeffries:
“There’s going to be obstacles or bad days, but you have to find ways to overcome them and know that your friends will always be there.”

Ryan Stoskopf:
“Get your homework done and don’t slack off your senior year.”

Shivani Patel:
“Don’t take too many AP classes. Seriously.”

Ellie Fehlig:
“Don’t be afraid to not do your homework because it’s not the end of the world and you need to make time to have fun.”

Al Harris:
“I would say to not follow the crowd and be yourself. Make goals for yourself, pursue those goals and don’t let anyone or anything get you off track.”

Kristen Sayegh:
“Don’t be afraid to be who you are and don’t care what anyone else says.”

Sami Miller:
“Embrace the time you have left. Go to all the dances, go to all the games and just enjoy what you have left.”

Emily Marr:
“Don’t be afraid to branch out and try new things that you didn’t think you’d be good at.”’

You know you’re a senior when…
Kaitlin Berry:
“For me personally, you know you’re a senior when you come to school looking ratchet — like really ratchet.”

Ryan Stoskopf:
“When you have two or three back to back study halls and you do nothing.”

Hillary Heizman:
“When your backpack never leaves school.”

Grace Lillis:
“When you do your third hour homework in second hour.”

Lindsay Miller:
“When you wake up 10 minutes before school starts.”

Kyle Nunnally:
“When you do absolutely nothing in study hall.”

Alex Peterson:
“When you go to the driving range during study hall.”

Kinzie Norton:
“When you run out of excuses as to why you skipped a class.”

Tristan Thuro:
“When all the advice to freshman is inappropriate.”

What are you going to miss the most?
Rachel Campbell:
“I’ll miss all the friendships I’ve made through the athletics I’ve been a part of.”

Steven Cargin:
“Basmello, Guide Mowry, Señora Sanflé and Jackson Macoubrie.”

Andy Porter:
“The sense of community and teachers and staff.”

Brandon Lee:
“The awesome newspaper. The years 2010-2014 and the times I’ve spent here. Also, my childhood years and the times when I wasn’t an adult.”