From Hood to Toe: Savvy pairings serve to avoid sacrificing style for warmth

Sophia Ragomo, Photo Editor

As the weather shifts from fall to winter, tank tops are traded for sweaters, sneakers are traded for boots and sweatshirts are traded for coats. Here are jacket and boot pairings that will help transition your wardrobe.

For the Girls:

The Pairing: Leather Jacket and Suede Booties

Shop The Look: Forever 21, Topshop,

Dressing Down: Match with laid-back pieces such as ripped boyfriend jeans and a loose-fitting T-shirt. A necklace with a long chain or a colored belt can also add some sparkle.

Dressing Up: A simple white button-down paired with a circle skirt in a bright hue can help dress up this clothing. Add a printed clutch for an accessory.

The Pairing: Denim Jacket and Lace-Up Boots

Shop The Look: Urban Outfitters, Journey’s,

Dressing Down: Wear with a graphic tee and colored skinny jeans to add some color and print. Patterned socks that can be seen over the boot are also an accessory option.

Dressing Up: A black or gray dress in a simple cut is the best choice. A leather bracelet or printed tights can add edge.

The Pairing: Army Jacket and Motorcycle Boots

Shop The Look: Macy’s, Nordstrom, Gap

Dressing Down: A baggy T-shirt with light-wash jeans can be paired with this for a casual occasion. A leather saddlebag is an option that will add to the vintage quality of this ensemble.

Dressing Up: A solid-colored jewel-toned dress, such as navy blue or dark red, with black tights will pair well. For an accessory, mix short and long necklaces to add some style and flair.

For the Guys:

The Pairing: Bomber Jacket and Chukka Boots

Shop The Look: Clarks, Topman, Zumiez

Dressing Down: For a casual appearance, the jacket will go nicely with a printed T-shirt and light wash jeans. A solid-colored beanie can also be added.

Dressing Up: With this pair, a solid-colored button-down and dark-wash jeans will provide a dressier outfit. You can also add a leather belt in the same color as the boots.

The Pairing: Leather Jacket and Wingtip Boots

Shop The Look: Aldo, Macy’s, Zara

Dressing Down: Pair with a plaid shirt and skinny jeans to create a more casual combination. Also, a zip-up hoodie can be worn under the jacket in a solid-color that matches the shirt’s print.

Dressing Up: To dress this up, wear with a white button-down and dark jeans. A solid-colored tie and vest can also be worn with this.

The Pairing: Wool Jacket and Chelsea Boots

Shop The Look:, Nordstrom, J. Crew

Dressing Down: Wear this pair with a printed pull-over sweater and solid-colored jeans for a casual ensemble. With this, a matching scarf can also be worn.

Dressing Up: Match with a black button-down and black jeans for a more dressy look. A solid-colored tie and cardigan in a coordinating color can also be added.