Over the Summer I . . .

Courtney Carpenter, Co-Editor

The strangest thing I’ve done this summer was… 

“When I went to Alaska. The time change was so tiring because it was light outside 22 hours of the day.” — freshman Tori Strickbine 

“Waking up for the first time at 5 p.m.” — freshman Alison Tinberg 

“Petting a sloth at a zoo in another state.” — senior Georgia Killen

“Visiting Bourbon Street in New Orleans. That was pretty weird.” — sophomore Katie Upton 

My favorite memory this summer was . . . 

“Going to the Rolling Stones Concert.” — Junior Gabe Eubanks 

“Probably [senior Sheila Gregory] and [alumnus Gabby [Gunnerson] singing on cross country summer runs, and having some of the old seniors coming back to run with us.” — Sophomore Caitlin Fitzpatrick 

“Hands down my mission trip to South Africa. We stayed at a camp with South African kids our age and then did a ton of different service projects, and it was really one of the most amazing experiences in my 18 years of living.” — Senior Lucy Hall 

The most rewarding thing that’s happened this summer was…

“Vacation Bible Camp, and helping little kids grow in their love for Christ.” — junior Sarah Day 

“Finally getting a new car.” — junior Waseem Ahmad 

“Going on vacation to Florida with my whole family.” — sophomore Avery Wright

The scariest thing that’s happened this summer was…

“Getting hit on by 30-year-old men at the pool.” — junior Natalie Cooper 

“Probably getting hit in the face with a softball — black eye and concussion!” — junior Kylie Hays 

“Getting pulled over and getting a ticket for the first time ever.” — senior Liz Allen