DIY Holiday Gifts

  • Hot chocolate mix

What you’ll need:

– Your all-time favorite hot chocolate recipe

(If unsure, try the recipes from our December issue)

– Mason jar

Start by filling the mason jar with your hot chocolate mix making sure to separate the items based on when they should go in. To finish, add instructions for the

optimal cup of cocoa.


  • Button Bookmarks

What you’ll need

– Colorful paperclips of medium size

– Cute/Decorative buttons or pop up stickers

Simply match your favorite buttons and paperclips and glue a button on the closed end of

the paper clip (the side that doesn’t hold paper — you’ll need that open for the book page). Make a few of these to create a pack.


  • Honey Butter

What you’ll need

– 4 sticks softened unsalted butter

– 1 cup honey

Use electric mixer to beat ingredients until light and fluffy. Once finished, spoo into jars and refrigerate until use. Can also be stored in freezer


  • Lump of Coal

What you’ll need

– ¼ cup butter

– 10 ½ ounce mini marshmallows

– 4 cups rice krispie cereal

– Black icing

First, melt the butter and add in the marshmallows; once both have melted add in food coloring until desired color is reached. Finally, add in rice krispies and mold

into desired shape.


  • Brown Sugar Scrub

What you’ll need

– 2 cups brown sugar

– ½ cup white sugar

– ½ cup olive, mineral, or coconut oil

– 1 tsp. vanilla

Combine sugars in medium sized bowl; then mix in oil and vanilla. Stir until

combined, and finally place in desired jars.


  • Moisturizing Lotion

What you’ll need

– 16 ounces baby lotion

– 8 ounces solid coconut oil

– 8 ounces vitamin e cream

Mix together with handheld mixer until lotion resembles icing. Store in airtight