Spring into Spring

10 Activities to do in the Spring

Emilee Holger, Staff Writer

Leaves are starting to grow back on trees, flowers are starting to bloom, and the dreary, cold weather is coming to an end. Spring is arriving, and chances are, you’re curled up in your bed watching another TV show on Netflix. With these 10 suggestions, you’re sure to have plenty of things to keep you busy this spring.


  1. Picnic — This is something people don’t do enough. Call your friends or bring a family member and enjoy the fresh spring air at a park or even someone’s backyard. Pack sandwiches and whatever else you may prefer. A picnic is a perfect way to spend time with friends or family while spending time outside.
  2. Go for a walk — Getting active is so important, especially after the holiday season. Shawnee Mission Park has walking trails and you are surrounded by trees and birds chirping. Bring your headphones with you and turn on your favorite Spotify playlist. If you have a dog, take her or him with you. Walking can be a time to clear your head and get exercise into your day. If you’re brave, go for a jog.
  3. Shopping — Although you’re not outdoors, getting a new wardrobe is almost essential to prepare for a new season. Go ahead and buy that cute dress or those new Nike’s. Invite a friend with you or have a day to yourself.
  4. Find a new hobby — Whether you want to pick up the guitar, learn how to knit, or are wanting to try out some new food recipes, learning something new this spring can be a great opportunity. Go to a bookstore and pick up a few cookbooks or search for tutorials on YouTube. If nothing works for you, join an after school club on a topic you’re passionate about.
  5. Road Trip — With parental consent, fill up your gas tank, bring your best friends and hit the road. Make a playlist of all of your favorite songs, roll down your windows, plan fun stops along the way, and take plenty of pictures. Try doing this during spring break, and plan for only a couple of days
  6. Enjoy the outdoors — Instead of lying in bed aimlessly looking through Twitter, try relaxing somewhere new. Parks like Ernie Miller Nature Center, Blackbob Park, or even your neighborhood park are perfect ways to enjoy the outdoors when the air is getting warmer. Bring a book and a hammock if you have one. Take a break from school or maybe even social media for a while, and spend time with yourself with no distractions. People spend too much time on their phones or being too busy that they don’t spend any time focusing on themselves.
  7. Go Out on the Town — The Plaza and Downtown Kansas City are full of events during the Spring. Places like the Farmers Market, First Fridays, and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade are free of charge. Invite friends with you and have a day out.
  8. Re-decorate — It’s time to put away your snowman decorations and pull out the flowers. If you want to make your room more fit for the spring, change your bed comforter to a lighter and more colorful one, open up your blinds, or even buy a cute plant. Another idea is to donate any clothes from last year that you might not want or don’t fit. Who knows, you might get some spring cleaning done in the process.
  9. Royals Game — Baseball season is just beginning in the spring and it is a must to see the KC Royals play after they won the World Series. If you can, try to find your tickets on sale, the prices are sure to go up this season. Invite family or friends and enjoy a day at the K.
  10. Get Artsy — If you don’t watch baseball or aren’t a huge fan of the outdoors, you might consider art or music. The Kansas City Symphony at the Kauffman Center only charges students $10 if they show up with their student ID, and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is always free of charge. Also, be on the look for musical festivals and venues.

Whether you’re outside enjoying the spring air or at an art gallery, you have no reason to be bored. Turn off Netflix and get off the couch, I promise the next episode of “Pretty Little Liars” will be waiting for you when you return. This year, try stepping out of your comfort zone.