Atypical Attraction

Dating simulators create different way to spend Valentine’s Day

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Marie Biernacki, Staff Writer

If you are forever alone — or are simply bored — on Valentine’s Day, here are two dating simulators you can play to make everything hurt a little less.

Hot Date


In this indie game, the player goes on different speed dates with pugs. The pugs have many personalities — some are stuck up and snooty, while others are trapped in a dead-end job and need to vent. Players can choose from a variety of questions and the pugs will always have an interesting answer. The pugs will only address the player as the name they enter — anyone of any gender can play and feel included.

Mystic Messenger


The player takes on the role of a female character who downloaded a messenger app that causes her to join a charity foundation. They need her help to organize their next event. The game lasts 11 days and plays in real time. The player receives messages and joins group chats with the characters via the app. The first four days are when the player shows which character they favor by choosing the appropriate responses. By the end of the fourth day, the user should have the route of their favored character. The player will have a normal, good or bad ending based on their choices.