Which ready-made mac & cheese dish reigns superior?

Amy’s Macaroni & Cheese Total Cook Time — 4mins

Frozen Presentation — 6  Better than most frozen meals, but certainly not impressive

Cooked Presentation — 8 Resembles high-class version of school macaroni, very creamy consistency

Flavor — 8 Unique flavor, slightly tangy, good if you’re a fan of weird cheese types

Nutrition — 9 16g protein, 400 calories, nothing to complain about

Convenience — 8 Worst part was having to put it in another minute after stirring

Overall Rating — 8 Would gladly enjoy again

Evol Truffle Parmesan Mac & Cheese — Total Cook Time — 3.5 mins

Frozen Presentation — 6 Certainly has potential, but again, not impressive

Cooked Presentation — 9 Looks as gourmet as frozen could get

Flavor — 7 Also unique flavor, parmasean and garlic very prominent flavors, almost too dominant. Texture created by breadcrumbs is very good

Nutrition — 6 14g protein, 460 calories, ingredients not overly sketchy

Convenience — 10 Took just over 3 minutes and was ready to go

Overall Rating — 7 Could have been presented on a plate at a white tablecloth restaurant, and I would have bought it as gourmet. However, garlic flavor too over-bearing to earn higher score.

Lean Cuisine favorite Macaroni & Cheese Total Cook Time — 4.5 mins

Frozen Presentation — 3 Honestly, resembles frozen cheetos. Color is a huge turn-off

Cooked Presentation — 4 Grew with heat into a love child of Kraft Macaroni and Cheetos 

Flavor — 5 Very mediocre, similar to Kraft, though less flavorful. The texture is too slimy, nothing very exciting

Nutrition — 8 Honestly, all these dishes have pretty similar nutrition facts; 13g protein, 300 calories

Convenience — 6 Had to slit wrap, heat, unwrap, stir, rewrap, reheat — lot of work for microwave dish

Overall Rating — 4 Would eat again if I didn’t care about flavor or texture or my time and also had no standards or morals

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