Spend A Little, Save A Lot

Tips on How to Save Money Around the Holidays


Allie Ament, Staff Writer

This time of year is filled with holiday cheer and celebration, but with all the fun comes lots of gift-giving, new winter clothes, decorations and more food than anyone knows what to do with. The need for all of these items during the holidays is essential. Whether you haven’t given one thought about the upcoming holiday expenses or you’re barely making an ends to everyday demands, saving money can make everyone’s lives a little easier. As Wal-Mart says, “Save Money.Live Better.”


Holidays are about showing love for the people you care about the most. So don’t stress yourself out too much about finding the perfect, most expensive gift — instead try giving that special someone a gift made by you.


There’s plenty of activities to do around the winter that are free. At your house, bake some cookies, play board games, watch holiday movies, make paper snowflakes, go caroling and put up decorations.


Secret Santa is a great way to save money. Everyone gives and receives a gift. The game requires you to only buy a gift for one person, and usually a low dollar amount is decided. It’s a super fun game to participate with big groups of people.


Making your own decorations is easy and cheaper than buying a bunch of overpriced decor you’ll only put up once a year. YouTube is full of DIY decoration videos that are super creative and affordable.


Save some money on your own shopping splurges by going to the nearest thrift shop. Why spend $80 on a sweater, when you can purchase any article of clothing for just $5?