Finals Tips & Tricks

Finals are coming up and soon BV will turn into a frenzy of stressed and sleep-deprived students. Here are some ways to stay on-top and mentally stable during this notorious time:

Manage Your Time

Make a “Finals Week” calendar and on each day list the homework, projects and studying you will do. When making the calendar, take into account the priority of the task, the time needed for completion and how many days you have until the test or until the assignment is due. By dividing up your to-do list and planning ahead, you’ll avoid disorganization and a mountain of work in one night.


Study Efficiently

Cut out all possible distractions — especially your phone — to ensure you remain focused and on task. If you need music, listen to classical or instrumental tracks. Hungry? Grab a quick snack, but don’t take several trips to the fridge. Finally, keep your study space clean and neat. A messy work area will only further stress and distraction.


Treat Yourself

The most important, yet most forgotten, part of preparing for finals is to schedule some time for yourself. Meditate before your morning classes to create mindfulness and eliminate any unnecessary thoughts. Take short naps when studying to create motivation and to boost your energy. Watch a funny video or read a trashy magazine between classes to give your brain a break and to save productivity for later. If you are well-rested and clear-minded your academic performance will reap the benefits.