Street Smarts

a guide to staying safe during the Halloween Season

Street Smarts

Charlie Trent and Claire Powell

Halloween is a scary time of year, and it is best to be careful and be prepared. Whether you’re trick-or-treating or going to the haunted houses downtown, these tips will help you to stay safe this year.

Officer’s Opinion:

Officer Nate Schmidt gives the students of BV general tips for staying safe when trick-or-treating on the suburban streets or visiting the haunted houses downtown.

What are some red flags when trick-or-treating? 

“Familiar places are the best places to go. If you’re going to unfamiliar places and it’s too dark to see anything around the corner or other people hiding, that’s red flags.”

What precautions should you take when going to the haunted houses downtown? 

“It’s not any more dangerous downtown than it is any other time of the year. You still have to take the same precautions. When you go downtown, always let someone responsible know where you are. I would go in a group.”

Quick Tips:

1. Avoid loud areas

Loud areas are dangerous because you are unable to scream for help.

2. Trick-or-treat is well-known areas

You are less likely to become a victim if you know the owners of the houses.

3. Go to well-lit areas

You want to be able to see where you are and the people around you.



Have a plan

Respond to messages

Tell a trusted adult where you are going

Don’t follow strangers

Go in a group