Giving You the Gift of What to Give

guide of what presents to give the people in your life


Olivia Sherlock, Story Editor

Doesn’t it just seem like everyone was born in spring? Everywhere I turn now I see balloons or banners people saying happy birthday and presents. Holy cow, the presents, is there a pressure heavier than knowing how good of a friend you are is based on how much someone likes your present. Well, I have made a list of the different types of gifts you can give to the different types of people in your life.  

Your girlfriend- jewelry, all she wants is jewelry, even if she says she doesn’t want jewelry, your girlfriend always want jewelry from you

Your boyfriend- hahaha, you thought I knew what to get a boyfriend for a birthday? No, no, no, it is actually impossible to buy a gift for your boyfriend– so good luck

Best friend- you and your best friend always have inside jokes, so don’t take it too seriously. One of the best presents I got for my birthday this year is a stuffed animal dinosaur, I needed Doug the Dino.

I don’t know why I was even invited to this party-  if you don’t really know the person, or you’re just crashing the party and don’t know them at all, money, get them money. No one is going to kick you out of their party if they are getting a taco bell gift card.

Cousin you don’t see very often- bath bomb, face mask, a ball of some sort, think of the most basic presents you can get so that anyone no matter how little you know about them, will enjoy the present.