10 Ways to Maintain Your Motivation Throughout the School Year

Erika Kolseth, Staff Writer

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We can all agree that school is very stressful and it can be easy to lose motivation to keep up with assignments throughout the year. If you find yourself stressed or lazy, read this list of 10 ways to maintain your motivation throughout the school year!

  1. Create a reasonable goal for yourself
  2. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and people
  3. Celebrate accomplishments
  4. Learn from your mistakes
  5. Listen to new music, whatever makes you happy
  6. Maintain a schedule  
  7. Manage your time with a planner 
  8. Start small, then work your way up
  9. Try to think of things in a positive way 
  10. If you find yourself stressed countdown from 10 and take deep breaths


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