Class of 2023 Dictionary

Class of 2023 Dictionary

Chloe Browning and Erika Kolseth, Staff Writer

Freshman year. That awkward year when you are finding new friends and learning how to walk down a hallway without stopping every five seconds to talk. As we all know, high school goes by quickly. I am sure we can all remember our class walking down that red carpet with all the faculty and Tiger Mentors cheering for us during orientation. Each class brings along their “culture,” and within that are the trends they follow, so we decided to dive into Frosh culture.


SKSKSK (sss-k sss-k)

a sound affect for any conversation. synonym for “oof”

anna oop (ah-nnah- oohp)

a sound affect made when you drop a hydroflask

Spill the Tea Sis

tell me the gossip

Metal Straw

used to flaunt saving the turtles

periodt (peer-ee-IT)

to get your point across