Rejoiceful Recipes

Staff writer bakes and reviews holiday treats

Rhylan Stern, Staff Writer

Over the years, baking has become a fun activity for the holidays. There are endless recipes to try and it takes time to find favorites. I decided to test out 3 different popular recipes: Rolo M&M Pretzels, Oreo Truffles with Sprinkles, and Peppermint Bark.


Rolo M&M Pretzels: 9/10

The process of making this treat is pretty simple, but the unwrapping of the Rolos takes a while to do. While placing the M&M on the melted Rolo, it was difficult to place it directly in the middle and most of the time it slid off to the side. The flavors all mix together well, with the salt of the pretzel, the caramel of the Rolo, and the chocolate M&M on top. This is an easy recipe to make with friends or family and a great treat to bring to an event with loved ones. 


Christmas Oreo Truffles: 7/10

This recipe took longer and was not too much of a Christmas treat. After blending Oreos together, the next step was to blend in cream cheese. The food processor did not mix it together so I had to go in by hand to mix it together, which was a little difficult to get it evenly combined. The melted chocolate will get cold fast when the oreo dough is covered, so you have to decorate the top with sprinkles quickly afterward. Overall, the Oreo Truffles may be rich for some who don’t favor chocolate, but for a chocolate lover like myself, it was a great treat. Instead of making the truffle with just milk chocolate, trading it for white or dark chocolate would work just as well.

Peppermint Bark: 5.5/10

This was the only recipe that somewhat failed for me. The bottom layer of dark chocolate was a little too thin and the white chocolate did not melt well — instead, it came out clumpy when pouring it on top of the dark chocolate.

Adding the crushed candy canes and some extra sprinkles brought it all together. Altogether, the peppermint bark tasted good, but the process did not execute well. I would end up using a different recipe or trying out a different method of melting the white chocolate.