i heard a rumor…

BV students share rumors, sories

Harrison Melton and Sofia Hughes

bvtigernews (mod): What are some rumors you’ve heard about yourselves?

_rept!l!anlL0rd_:  Some people thought I was a shapeshifting lizard

PeePill0w4:  That I kissed a pillow that had pee on it

xX_petty.yeti_Xx:  I peed in a sink while eating a snow cone

_le$bean_:  That I’m a lesbian. It’s not too far off

K00laid.drinker_9000: People thought I was in a cult

single.pringle.rdy.2.mingle: I only date for the attention

[email protected]_01:  My grandpa was in the mafia

wig_flu.08: That my hair was fake

wicked4lyf:  I’ve heard that I’m a witch

Team_jacob.02: That I was a werewolf

k9.slayer: That I killed my dog

Spy.kid_4: That I am a spy


bvtigernews (mod): Tell us an embarrassing story.       

f!gurinexfugitive: I helped kidnap my teacher’s action figures and organized a ransom for their return

[email protected]_: I used to eat the salt on the ground that prevents ice until I realized it’s not the salt I thought it was

bead_lvr_<3:   I hid those little plastic Mardi Gras babies around school

gta6when?: I got into the wrong car in the middle school car line

p00p.shoes.4lyf: I stepped in human poop in the girls bathroom

cl1ff_h4nger: Ceiling poop