Students share their best BeReals


Brynn Friesen, Web Editor

A new upcoming social media app, BeReal, has become very common among teens across the country. It is a way for people to share what they are doing exactly at the moment the notification goes off with only two minutes to do so. Students at BV revealed their most important BeReals they have taken and what each one entails.

What is it: Second to last day at dance team camp at KU

Who: Myka Beck, Molly Dubill, and other dance team girls

Why this BeReal: “It was funny because I surprised [Myka] and now we have an ongoing joke about surprising each other with BeReals.”

Why do you like BeReal: “It connect[s] you and your friends. It doesn’t really matter if you’re late.”

Where: COIN concert

Who: Blackstarkids, Tyfaizon

The situation: “There were like one and a half people in front of us and the opening act was on. I put on my phone [and] typed it out on Snapchat. I held it up and he was looking at me, he was like, ‘OK.’ I turned my phone on to BeReal, passed it up, and he came down and got it.”


Where: Advisory

Who: Math teacher Laura Volz and her Tiger Time class

The situation: “I had her take it and she was glad to do it, and it turned out great.”

Where: Music festival in Lee’s Summit

Who: Grandma and a chicken

The situation: “They had a chicken just roaming around so that’s why I took it.”