Is it really a rain of terror?

Is it really a rain of terror?

Katie Kennedy, Design Editor

Name: Selma Ramirez, 10

Likes rain?: Yes. 

Favorite rainy day activity: Being aesthetic by sitting at a window

Why: “It just feels really good. I’m like a rainy Girl aesthetic when I sit by my rainy window and sometimes I can pretend to be sad if I listen to sad music and put my head against the rainy window — it’s like [I’m in] a movie.”

Name: Rose Dersch, 10

Likes rain?: No.

Why: “Rain is very pretty.  It’s like snow — you think it’s pretty and you think it’s a good idea but then you have to exist in it and it’s just miserable.”

Name: Tylar Beck, 9

Likes rain?: “The rain is my enemy”

Why: “It’s really inconvenient to walk all the way from the parking lot and                  to school — your bag gets wet, your stuff is wet, and you’re like, ‘That’s not [OK]’. [I normally] just cover my head and hope for the best.”

Name: Maya Muller, 9

Likes rain: “I love the rain.” 

Why: “I really like playing in the rain. It’s peaceful and nice, especially if it’s warm outside and it’s raining — it feels nice outside.”