Blue Valley teacher deals with living near Waldo violence.

Since fall of 2009, five rapes have taken place in the Waldo-area of Kansas City, Missouri. Police believe that the same man sexually assaulted all of the women, but the man still has not been arrested or even identified. 

Communication Arts teacher Britt Qualls lives in Waldo and she finds the situation very frightening. 

“It’s really scary that they have no idea who the man is,” Britt said. “They have a picture but that’s not much. He has hurt so many women, but they still haven’t found him.”

Britt’s husband Brad Qualls believes that the rapists’ method of stalking the women is extremely disturbing.

“What scares me the most is that he really knows his victims,” Brad said. “He obviously spends some time learning their movements and when they will be alone.”

Britt agrees with her husband.

“This man is stalking women,” she said. “He figures out their schedules and he knows when the men aren’t home.” 

For the most part, Britt feels protected. 

“I feel pretty safe,” she said. “I don’t live alone and that seems to be who he is targeting.”

Despite feeling relatively safe, Britt and her family are taking a few extra precautions to ensure their safety. 

“A couple weeks ago my husband had to go out of town so he really wanted me and the kids to spend the night at my mom’s house, so we did,” she said. 

Brad said he makes sure to lock the doors at all times and keeps an eye out for strange behavior nearby.

“In the morning, I leave before my wife, so I have to make sure I bolt the door,” Brad said. “Also, if I am out of town for a weekend, I won’t let my wife stay at home by herself even if she has the kids. When I see someone strange walking around the neighborhood, I definitely take notice more now than ever.”  

Along with the $15,000 award being offered to whoever can identify the rapist, many people in the Waldo area are coming up with their own methods to track him down. 

“In every corner of the neighborhood there are pictures of the man,” Britt said. “Lots of businesses in the area have their own rewards for finding the man, along with the state reward.”

Britt believes that the rapist situation doesn’t affect the children of Waldo as much as it affects older people.

“I have young kids so they see the pictures, but they don’t really have a clue,” Qualls said. “They just say ‘look mommy, it’s the guy!’ It’s complicated, but they understand he’s a scary, bad man.” 

The Qualls are trying to sell their house and wonder if the rapist situation will affect the sale.  

“The house has only been on the market for about two weeks, so it’s a bit too early to tell if it’s being affected by this situation,” Britt said. “I don’t really think it is.” 

Brad believes the sale of the house is being affected.

“I am sure it has had some effect on the house,” Brad said. “Especially if single women are looking to buy a home.” 

While the Qualls don’t know any of the women who have been assaulted, the closest attack was only 5 blocks from their house. Despite this, Britt fears for her neighbor.

“I have a neighbor who is middle aged and single and she has a little first grade boy,” she said. “She is a strong and smart woman but I just worry about her. She has a very predictable schedule and she just seems like the ‘prime candidate.’ She always has her German Shepherd at her house, but I just can’t help but worry about her.” 

Brad has his own ideas about where the authorities should look to track down the Waldo Rapist.

“One thing that they have said is that the perpetrator smells of exhaust fumes,” he said. “Sounds to me like he might ride on the back of a garbage truck or something. Those types of people aren’t ‘seen’ by the public much because they are outside all day.”

by Jordan McEntee