Contest creates competition, interest among students

Danielle Williams, Entertainment Editor

The premise of No Shave November is to go without shaving during the whole month of November.
Guys tend to grow massive beards, while girls end the month with extremely hairy legs.
Sophomore Cooper Lee successfully completed November of 2011 and 2012 without a razor crossing his face. He said he is determined to do the same this year.
“I shave on Oct. 31 and then don’t shave until December,” Lee said. “It sort of turns into a competition for the few guys in our grade that can grow facial hair.”
Lee said he has gotten mixed responses to his decision to participate in No Shave November.
“I received a lot of support from my friends and all the guys that do it,” he said. “Most girls don’t like it that much, though.”
Sophomore Jordan Chalker has vowed not to be a part of No Shave November, however she said she is accepting of those who have.
“I am not going to do No Shave November, but it doesn’t bother me that some people want to do it,” Chalker said. “It is their personal preference.”
Lee said he promised he could grow a pretty impressive beard in one month.
“My beard can get pretty hairy and pretty long,” Lee said. “I’m not sure if I could grow a [math teacher] Mr. [Richard] Gill beard yet.”
Chalker said she believes it more acceptable for boys to do it than girls.
“I think it’s easier for boys because it’s hard for girls to not be able to shave their legs that long,” she said.
Lee said the only time he wishes he could shave is when girls comment on how gross it is.
He said some people may cheat and begin growing their beard out before November begins.
“The goal is to have more facial hair than the next guy,” he said, “So, starting to grow it out early is more of a concern.”
Lee said his family has had mixed reactions to his choice.
“My sister and dad don’t really care, but my mom absolutely hates it when I grow my beard long,” he said.
Lee said he understands some people don’t want to be apart of No Shave November, but he enjoys the challenging and competitive aspect.
“It’s really fun to see how long your beard can get,” he said. “I just think, ‘Hey it’s only a month, why not?”’