Q and A: Yearbook Editor-in-chief Senior Rachel Bergeson

Tori Pippins, Staff Writer

Q: As editor of the yearbook, what’s your job?

A: “My biggest role is essentially managing the staff. It is my job to communicate what needs to get done as well as teach all of the staffers how to do all things yearbook-related. If you walked into the yearbook room seventh hour, you would see me walking around helping anyone with questions and guiding everyone through the process. My more behind-the-scenes role is the creative aspect of being the editor. Before we actually start the yearbook, I decide on the theme as well as the look we are going for — from color scheme to design elements to the fonts we will be using.”

Q: How much work typically goes into making the yearbook?

A: “A lot more work goes into making the yearbook than most people realize. People get this giant book handed to them but don’t always think about what is done to make it happen. Being a part of the yearbook staff requires a lot of hard work and dedication. We cover every week of the school year from August until mid-March as well as any sports and any other happenings at BV. It is important that we stay on top of what goes on. There are really no breaks when it comes to yearbook because we simply can’t waste time when working on such a massive project. As a staff we spend countless hours outside of school working to make sure everything is perfect.”

Q: How complete is the yearbook?

A: “We are a little more than halfway done with it right now. We have four main deadlines throughout the year when we submit a big chunk of pages to the publishing company. Right now, we are coming up on the third deadline.”

Q: Is your rate of progress better or worse than it was last year?

A: “In my two and a half years on staff, I don’t think reaching deadlines has ever been an issue for us. We have always done a really good job at stressing the importance of making deadlines, so I would say that we are doing really well, just as we have been doing as long as I have been a part of the journalism program. It’s exciting that we are moving along steadily right now, and that, before we know it, the finished yearbook will be in our hands.”

Q: When does the yearbook come out this year?

A: “We will have sent the finished product to the publishing company to be printed in late March or early April. But the student body will get their yearbooks at the end of the school year — the seniors get them at the end-of-the-year picnic, and everyone else gets them that day as well.”

Q: How many people are on yearbook staff?

A: “Including myself, there are 21 people on staff. We also have [journalism teacher Michelle] Wilmes as our advisor.”

Q: Can you give us any hints as to what we should be expecting from this year’s yearbook?

A: “The theme of this year’s yearbook is definitely very Blue Valley specific. We tried to seamlessly incorporate iconic BV phrases like, “Get fired up” and, “It’s a great day to be a tiger” into the book. Expect to see and read things that reflect our school’s community. Also expect to see tons of great photos of everything that has happened this year and interesting stories about everything from football winning State to the Fine Arts Potpourri.”

Q: Is there anything specific about the yearbook that you’re excited for?

A: “This is definitely a journalism nerd thing to say, but I really like the fonts of this year’s yearbook. I’m kind of a font snob, and I’m really obsessed with how they look. More generally, I’m incredibly excited for everyone to see the yearbook. Despite the crazy, stressful moments of yearbook, it’s so rewarding to see people’s faces light up when they flip through the book. I can’t wait to see how everyone reacts to it. When you work on something closely for so long it kind of becomes your baby, so I just hope everyone loves the yearbook as much as I do.”