Deni Burns, Fall 2014 J1 Student

We constantly judge. We constantly compare. We constantly damage our view of self-worth and beauty and often times, in turn, damage everyone around us.

According to, judgment is rampant in everything from reality TV programs to social media. The reality is that low self-esteem, skewed body image and self-hate are overwhelmingly present in the world around us. And these things are contaminating our society.

“REbeL’s main purpose is to promote positive body image through educating students on media literacy, health at every size, and accepting yourself,” junior Nimisha Halder said.

This club was first started up in 2008 by a group of high school students at Blue Valley Northwest.

“I love how REbeL gives me a way to invent my own definition of beauty rather than to believe some media-enhanced one,” she said. “This club is a really cool thing because everyone in this program “rebels” against the false perception of body image people have, along with the unrealistic standards of beauty set by media.”

Halder has been in a leadership position for three year. This is her fourth year as a leader and her fifth year as a member. She said she is happy to be apart of REbeL.

“We are taking a stand for what we believe in to make a difference on our school, community, and the world,” Halder said.

According to, the club helps change the world and lets adolescents and teens know that body image isn’t important.

“The message of REbeL can be spread through small and large actions. One small thing that we really encourage everyone to do is STOP bashing their bodies,” she said.

Halder said this club is on a mission to change the world, and help teens be comfortable with who they are.

“Everyone is encouraged to apply for REbeL,” Halder said. “We would be happy to have [more students become] a part of our team to help us shape today’s society.”