Dyed hair gains popularity in BV halls

Tali Amjadi, Staff Writer

Here at Blue Valley, most students have the typical blonde, brown, red or black hair — though occasionally someone you walk by in the halls has the hair color pink, blue or purple.

Dozens of students at BV have dyed hair, and in recent years, getting your hair colored has become more and more popular.

Senior Alli Carrigan said she has always been interested in dying her hair a different color, starting from when she was very young.

“I’ve wanted to do it since I was little because what little girl doesn’t want purple or pink hair,” Carrigan said. “My desire got stronger and stronger — then one night I was like I [have to] do this.”

Carrigan said her natural hair color is a dirty blonde, and it gets beach blonde in the summer which she loves, though she likes to change things up.

“I have dyed it brown and ombre’d it a couple of times — dying it purple was the last time I changed it,” Carrigan said. “It really is just because I get bored. I’m always cutting and changing my hairstyle. I like to keep things fresh.”

Sophomore Peyton Motts also dyes her hair different colors, and said she is slowly trying to make her hair each color of the rainbow at some point.

“I have changed my hair nine times,” Motts said. “I’ve dyed it blue, red, pink, turquoise with purple highlights, red, lilac, and blue, black, and silver.”

Motts said she went to a salon for the first time getting it colored, and now her mom does all her hair dying for her.

“I don’t regret any of the colors I have done,” she said. “My least favorite though was probably the turquoise and purple highlights because I looked a lot like Sully from Monsters Ink.”

Regarding how she achieves her new color, Carrigan said she has done a couple different things to get the color she is going for.

“The only time I went to a salon was to get my ombre,” she said. “When I dyed it purple, my step-sister used Splat hair dye on my back porch.”

While dying hair unique colors may be risky for some people, Carrigan said she has not thought twice about her decisions to dye it.

“I haven’t ever regretted it because I would have never known if I liked it or not if I didn’t try it,” Carrigan said. “You have to try everything once to see if it is for you or not.”

Carrigan said dying hair shows confidence and the willingness to try something new.

“[Coloring your hair] shows individuality and that you are not really afraid to take a risk and make a statement,” Carrigan said. “I am in choir, and I had to wear a wig for performances because Mrs. Moeller didn’t want me to stand out. You just have to be willing to take chances.”

Motts said she wanted to dye her hair by looking at strong powerful women in the music industry who inspired her with their hair dyed.

“I think dying my hair really allows me to express myself,” Motts said. “It proves how creative I am and shows my true colors . . . literally.