Striving to perform

Vanda Demko, Fall 2016 J1 Student

Acting is a huge part of Blue Valley High, we even have a really well-equipped theatre department. But what makes it all, are the people; senior Skyler Jones is one of the great actors.

“I started doing scenes in middle school because I saw my friend’s brother in a play and I thought that was really cool; I wanted to be on stage.” Skyler said. “I was really excited to be the part Blue Valley department.  I felt like that’s the place I belong; it’s also a break from the typical guy stuff. It gave me a chance to learn other people’s experiences and that made me learn a lot about people.”

As fun as acting can be, it comes with a ton of work but it’s not a problem for Skyler, according to Drama Teacher Mr. Yarnell.

“One thing is I think he is working really hard on scenes, and I really appreciate that, but the best thing about working with him is that he is a good hearted guy.” Yarnell said. “He cares about doing good work and treating people right.”

Skyler has been on stage at Blue Valley for 3 years and a few months now and that means quite a few shows; however, one is not like the other.

“39 Steps was a big challenge; I kinda got an ego just because I got casted in the show as a sophomore and so I made a lot of enemies but i learned a lot from that, and I think it also challenged me because i had to play so many rules and move a lot on the stage. It prepared me for the shows later on to come, so that made me a better actor.”

The world of theatre is another world, everybody knows that. Junior Grant Boehringer said, “People in acting are simply out of this world.” By the way, he is in the crew, too.

“Performing is where you have a different kind of energy and the audience gives you a lot of this energy. You are never tired while performing, not matter how much sleep you had.” Skyler said.