Fitting Into Family

BV’s new addition reveals her experience at her new school


Blue Valley is constantly growing in size and as new members are added the tiger family expands.

The two principles at BV are respect and responsibility. But are these requirements being upheld every day?

Junior Lauren Jackson explains what BV is really like.

Jackson came from Topeka, Kansas and says that the atmosphere is completely different.

“I love BV,” Jackson said. “The students here are eager to learn and all the teachers are willing to help out.”

Jackson understands what it means to develop a solid connection.

“I moved here to live with my mom,” Jackson said. “I have always had a strong relationship with her.

Both socially and educationally BV exceeds Jackson’s expectations.

She has seen numerous positive differences in her grades and test scores since attending her new school.

“Before I came to Blue Valley I wasn’t motivated to go to school every day,” Jackson said. “But, after spending a couple of weeks here I found myself getting excited to show up.”

Even though the Blue Valley students possess a close bond with each other, Jackson feels like she has been fully accepted.

“I fit in well,” Jackson said. “I’ve felt welcomed since the first day of school.”