Get Connected

Junior answers frequent question’s regarding her work with special needs children


Shay Lawson, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Junior Anna Espy’s close friends describe her as a caring, patient, friendly individual. So, when she decided to join connections, a class for students to help establish friendships and strengthen communication skills, no one was surprised.
“I started working at Special Needs Ministries (SOAR,)” Espy said. “After that, I decided to use my skills where they are needed.”
Once Espy became more indulged with her work, she took it to a deeper level.

“I work with the mostly severe children so it takes a lot of patience and love to work with them,” Espy said.

It takes more than patience to be in Espy’s position, her schedule is jam-packed.

“A couple of Thursday’s a month we take field trips, most of which are educational or learning opportunities for our kids,” Espy said. “Each Friday we have fun Friday full of games and dance parties. On Tuesday’s, all of the peers have a meeting to discuss how things are going.”

Espy says that there’s nothing more rewarding than working with her kids. She shares how to get involved at SOUR.

“You can talk to your counselor about adding connections or peer tutoring to your schedule,” Espy said. “You can also get involved volunteering at our SOAR. You can apply to get paid to work with these amazing kids through Helpers INC or Another Day Homecare.”

Espy is passionate in what she does and has taken away numerous life lessons because of her experience.

“They are the sweetest kids you will ever meet, each and every kid has a thriving personality,” Espy said. “For most of our kids thought it’s just like being with your best friend.”