Freshman Parking


Frannie Lamberti, Publication Editor

The new challenge of the Blue Valley parking lot is difficult for new students.

Freshman Teresa Lane began driving to school at the beginning of the fall semester.

“It’s not stressful finding a spot, because I’m usually in the front,” Lane said. “Parking is stressful because I’m not that good at it.”

Legally, freshmen are allowed to drive to school and work at age 15. Driving can be hard for younger students due to not being as experienced. However, Lane said she feels more mature because she gets to drive to school alone.

Even though driving may be difficult, Lane said she would rather drive herself to school than have someone drive her, her main problem is exiting the parking lot.

“Leaving the school is really hard because of the way our parking lot is designed,” Lane said. “You have to remember that you are going to get home 20 minutes after school ends.”

Lane said she thinks that there needs to a more efficient way of leaving school for the students that don’t get to park in the senior lot.

Lane does not have a job because she plays basketball for the school.

“I’m in basketball and I played tennis in the fall,” Lane said. “I drive to sports events.”

Lane said has to leave for school earlier because she picks up friends and there is traffic near where she lives.

“There are lots of kids driving to school where I live and around my neighborhood,” Lane said.

Lane said she likes freshman year and the responsibilities of it, she said her teachers and classes are good.

“Freshman year is a lot different from middle school,” Lane said. “But I like it and experiencing something new.”