ya like jazz?

easy listeners club allows students to unwind during school day


Nick Lamberti, Design Editor

When you think of Dr. Shah’s room, Room 604, you usually think about science— chemistry, earth space and astronomy.

As stressful as those classes can be, during Tiger Paws B, Room 604 is a place where a certain group of students likes to relax by listening to music.

The group is called the Easy Listeners Club, and every Monday during Tiger Paws B, they unwind by listening to jazz.

The club was recently started by senior Max Piero and junior John Oldroyd. Science teacher Neerav Shah is the sponsor of the club.

“It’s a place where we can all take a break from
our daily life and enjoy some jazz together,” Oldroyd said. “The Easy Listeners club is a collective of jazz lovers, jazz enthusiasts and friends.”

One important part of the Jazz Club, Piero and Oldroyd said, is inventing a ‘jazz name.’ A jazz name, according to Piero, is any word that comes to mind when “you let your soul experience jazz through interaction with the music.”

“Jazz names get us in the mood,” Piero said. “It really gets us in the mindset to listen to jazz and think about things differently.”

Piero said the club isn’t just about the appreciation of jazz music but also about discussing the feelings and imagery jazz music conveys.

“I bring in a speaker, and [each member suggests] a song we can listen to,” Oldroyd said. “We all get in a circle and say how we feel about it.”

To the club members, jazz music is more than just music that sounds good — it’s also about how jazz influences the listener.

“We always ask [how jazz music] makes you feel,” Piero said. “We like to talk about the meaning of the lyrics and melodies. Jazz music can create
a lot of imagery — it’s very beautiful and intricate.”