A helping hand

Senior gives back to community


Cassidy Carpenter, Staff Writer

Senior Carly Vandervoort has been involved in her community ever since she can remember. “Volunteering is a passion of mine, I think it’s so important to give back to a community that’s given me so much,” Vandervoort said.

She often will go to the Wilderness Science Center to pick up trash to ensure it is top shape for visitors.

“I felt inclined to pick up trash there to clear out the creek because it was filled with tons of styrofoam and plastic,” Vandervoort said, “I also cut the shrubs and trees to make them more healthy.”

This past winter, she and her fellow Co-Worker at J. Alexander’s restaurant created packages filled with materials to keep the homeless warm.

“Inside the packages, there were hats, scarfs, gloves, combs, coats and stuff like that to help in such a rough period of winter,” Vandervoort said.

She said that the experience opened her eyes to how the small acts leave the biggest impact.  

Vandervoort said that volunteering has not only affected those around her, but it has left a larger impact on herself personally.

“The feeling I get when seeing how happy I make people, is really what makes it all worth it,” Vandervoort said, “It honestly is pure joy and I always come home in such a good mood compared to before I go”.