Rats, a Thanos-Level Threat?

Rats, a Thanos-Level Threat?

Anika Kreegar, Staff Writer

Rats, the bringers of the black death. When most people think of these little critters they associate them with disease and unsanitary places. An unexpected place for rats to be is in a school but that is exactly the problem that BVHS faces. 

Rats date back to over 58 million years ago and have been ever evolving into the most common, brown rat, today. These rats will live anywhere they can get food and shelter making BVHS a perfect breeding ground.

The telltale sign of a rat infestation is the sight of dead or live rats and since there have been reports of both, the fate of BVHS is looking grim.

So what’s causing these rats to make their homes in BVHS? Well, the answer isn’t surprising at all. During Tiger Paws, there is an alarming amount of food left on the floor making for a perfect snack for the rats.

Fortunately, there is a solution, extermination. Extermination may sound extreme at first but considering that the issue has become as bad as it is there are no other options. Furthermore, the problem is far more serious that one might think.

Rats are known for gnawing on anything they can get near their grubby mouths, so say that the population of the rats continues to increase without end, then the rats could gnaw away at the entire school. As cool as no school sounds, it would actually be quite abysmal because there would be nowhere to put Mr. Bacon’s hardware. 

In terms of extermination, there aren’t many ways to do it humanely and the traditional methods are too slow and small for this large scale infestation. The best option would probably be full-scale incineration. At the stage it’s at now no other method would work and BVHS is in dire need of a renovation.

These rats are a menace to the school but with a little ingenuity, and kerosene, the problem can be solved by the light of a match.