Humans of BV: Jack Mcguire


Frannie Lamberti, Publication Editor

Jack McGuire is a senior who is involved in many activities inside and outside of school.

“I’m in the school marching band, I’m on the relay committee, and I’m involved with a few honor societies,” McGuire said.

McGuire also got a perfect score of 36 on his ACT which he spent many hours studying for.

“I [studied] probably 15 hours a week. It was a few hours every other day, at least,” McGuire said. “[All] I had was two prep books and Khan Academy; I just flew through practice questions after practice questions.”

With this ACT, McGuire is planning on applying to 14 different universities.

“The [schools] I’m most excited to apply to, and hopefully get accepted into, are Rice University down in Houston, Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, and Miami University in Oxford, Ohio,” Mcguire said.

He wants to become a doctor or a medical researcher for his future profession.

“I would like to be in either oncology or neurosurgery,” McGuire said. “I have a few programs that are connected to getting enrolled in a medical school, and there’s some mixes of engineering and entrepreneurship programs too; so many programs!”