Humans of BV: Kaley Olson

Humans of BV: Kaley Olson

Harrison Melton, Staff Writer

Early last summer, Junior Kaley Olson decided to create a dance cover group along with her close friends in order to escape from boredom. The cover group is called AXIS Dance Crew.

“AXIS Dance Crew is a K-pop cover group where we learn choreographies to K-pop songs,” Olson said.

Olson has been in a multitude of cover groups within the past two years. They believe AXIS will stay together longer due to the number of covers planned.

“We have two completely different full-group dances planned. One is an extremely cute song while the other has an empowering and cool vibe,” Olson said. “We also have subunit dances and a Halloween Mashup.”

Beyond their plans, Olson hopes AXIS will continue to grow and has big hopes for the future of the group.

“I’m excited to grow closer as a group while making covers and hopefully become like a family,” Olson said.