Freshman Fashionista

Student shares her secrets to staying fashionable this summer


Ayesha Khan, Design Editor

When it comes to fashion, Emma Chamberlain is many teenage girl’s go-to. However, BVHS has their very own fashion fanatic, freshman Layla Masters,

who has all the tips and tricks for creating the perfect summer wardrobe.

A good starting point for any wardrobe is finding versatile basics that can be styled several ways.

“I think plain colored tank tops, gold hoops, and honestly cute socks [are good staples to have,]” Masters said. “For accessories, I love square sunglasses and lots of colorful jewelry.”

Trendy pieces and accessories are also a fun way to add variety and spice up your style.

“I like cross halter tops and flower chokers— just a lot of floral [items] in general,” she said. “Also, sandals that are kind of blocky are really cute and clear colorful rings.”

Masters has mixed feelings for the clothing trends she predicts will cycle around this summer.

“I think halter tops will come back in a lot and I feel like dresses will be more in than usual, especially those flowy sundresses and slip dresses,” she said. “Low rise things [on the other hand] really aren’t my jam.”

Personally, Masters enjoys finding her style through influencers and real life connections.

“I love Emma Chamberlain of course,” Masters said. “Josie Ray [also] has a local boutique here and I love her style.”

She also takes “ inspiration from 2000’s movies, which got her into fashion from a young age. “Honestly, just watching movies and seeing all the people dressed cool I was like, ‘Oh my God,’ like I love Clueless and I feel like a lot of 2000’s movies had good style,” Masters said.

Although hopping on clothing trends can be fun, Masters encourages others to find their own style by browsing social media platforms.

“Check Pinterest and look up what you’re into like colors or any type of style, and just branch out because you can press more options and I think that’s a good starting point,” she said. “I’d say if you think something is cute or you like it, you can start a trend. If something draws your eye, I say go for it.”