Students vs Cell Phones

Students should limit time on their electronic devices during school


Mena Walker, Staff Writer

Who here loves to be on your phone? A majority of you should. Do you get on it when you get done with sports practice? Lunch and dinner? We all can’t get enough of technology, especially the cellphone. Indeed, it helps to communicate and connect with others, but does it assist you with your learning experience? Are you on your phone during lectures or when a teacher is talking? 

Many students say that cell phones should be allowed in classes because it’s a learning tool and using phones is learning in a way that is comfortable. 

However, cell phones can distract students. A recent study found that 95% of students bring their phones to class every day and 92% use their phones to text messages during class. Only 10% of students admitted that they text during exams on at least one occasion. 

Cell phones can distract and disrupt the flow of learning for students and teachers. According to the Security Service and National School Safety, texting can be an aid for cheating and cautiously taking pictures of exams. The presence of cell phones can drop grades overall and create a lack of concentration. Heavy internet and mobile device users forget things easily, which affects their awareness and leads to a passive mind. This shows weak attention and focus. 

The London School of Economics traced the impact of banning phones at school on exams scores. Researchers found that in school, students who had their mobile devices banned earned higher grades. 

Yes, technology has a direct implication on education: it can either be negative or positive. Teachers use electronic devices in the classroom to benefit their students. However, for students chatting for long periods of time on the phone it will definitely leave a negative impact on high school students. 

The majority of the students in a class are doing the following activities: listening to music, playing games, texting, being on social media, etc. Mobile activities cause students to delve into the virtual world so they forget and ignore all important information surrounding them. 

Anxiety, depression, and stress are problems many students, even college students face due to 24-hour connections with friends and other people. Studies show that students fail to set goals for themselves due to a confused state of mind. I know what you are thinking, what is a confused state of mind? The majority of teenagers are in a delirious state of mind once they start keeping their phone next to them at all times. They do not sleep, and with that lack of sleep, they are stressed, and constantly checking their phones. 

Think about this story and consider putting your phone away throughout your classes. Put your phone away from yourself. Be a healthier person. You can ignore your phone for a few hours. Try to communicate with other people face-to-face. Make new friends during lunch. Talk to your friends at your table instead of texting each other. Let people hear your voice.