Humans of BV: Ali McGuire


Ava McGuire, Staff Writer

After not being able to perform for the student body last year, assistant coach for BV Cheer Ali McGuire is ready to help her team jump back into action. 

“Our goal for the season is to revamp the gameday atmosphere now that students and parents are back in the stands,” McGuire said. 

Creating an interactive and exciting atmosphere, as well as bringing new skills and valuing a sense of community, is essential to McGuire, in order to bring back a sense of normalcy to the BVHS school spirit.

“This year will be majorly different because we get to stunt at games, so that will really help with the gameday experience, and we can also get back out into the community for events,’’ McGuire said.

This year, BV cheerleaders and coaches will experience many firsts they did not get to have last year, like assemblies, pep rallies and team bonding.

“Having [the] athletes back in the classroom will help with school spirit a lot,” McGuire said. “They’re going to be able to talk to their peers more and encourage them to come to games— I know [my] athletes are looking forward to that.”