Humans of BV: Kendall Bub


Ayesha Khan, Editor in Chief

Junior Kendall Bub has had the opportunity to be a part of WIN for KC’s youth advisory board since 2019. 

“The WIN for KC youth advisory board is a group of girls from different high schools across the KC metro area [that] promote women and girls in sports,” she said. “We also get to be advocates, advisors, and ambassadors for WIN for KC and get leadership development opportunities throughout our community.”

Members of the board help facilitate an annual summer camp that the company holds for young girls to help them become more involved in sports and pitch ideas for charity events.

“Last year, me and a group of girls on the board helped design a kickball tournament to both raise money for different charities, and also just for a fun way to get the community together,” Bub said. 

This experience has provided her with many professional development opportunities, such as being in a workshop hosted by Garmin, a multinational technology company, and establishing connections with a variety of people professionally and personally. 

“[This organization] introduced me to so many amazing people I wouldn’t have met otherwise,” Bub said. “It also made me realize how important it is to me to be a part of my community and make a difference.”