Autumn Aesthetic

Student discusses work experience at Starbucks during the fall

Brynn Friesen, Web Editor

With the fall season in swing, various workplaces are applying seasonal changes to their own establishments.

The Starbucks location senior Jessica Alexander works at is setting their customers up for the true feeling of fall.

“We’ve brought out the pumpkin scones, the fox cake pop, caramel apple or the apple crisp macchiato — and then we’ve got our pumpkin spice latte, of course,” Alexander said. “Basically, you can get the syrups for the apple crisp and pumpkin spice in any drink that you really want, so we offer it in frappuccinos, which most people don’t really know.”

One of Alexander’s personal favorites was just released recently, and she is more than happy.

“We also have our pumpkin muffin — it’s a pumpkin, cream cheese muffin,” Alexander said. “I think that is fantastic.”

Along with the multiple new food and drink items, Starbucks is beginning to promote and decorate based on the fall aesthetic.

“We haven’t done a whole lot personally at our location because we have been a little bit understaffed, and it’s regrettable,” Alexander said. “As soon as all of our new people get finished with their training, they plan on decorating the store for Halloween, and we’re even going to be allowed to dress up on Halloween night. That’ll help promote, and I’m excited for it.”

Despite the enjoyment the seasonal experience at Starbucks can bring its workers, it can get very stressful.

“It definitely gets busier in the fall, especially when we put out stuff immediately,” Alexander said. “The very first three weeks, we had orders out the wazoo. Our mobile order machine went down for an entire week as a result of how many orders we got.”

While Starbucks is known for its coffee, especially during this season, customers are also able to enjoy a more interactive experience with the company.

“We do a joke of the day inside of our stores — we have it right up front and at the drive thru,” Alexander said. “We always find that people tip more and leave the store a lot happier when they actually read the joke of the day. Whenever we slack, we kind of feel bad about it, because that’s the one thing that some people come through the drive thru for. They don’t even care about the drinks anymore — they just want to read the jokes to tell it to their children when they get home at the end of the day.”

Alexander values the relationship between consumers and employees at her workplace.

“Honestly, the interactions that we have with customers during the season makes or breaks their day,” Alexander said. “Since we have such a connection with some of our customers, the experience is so important.”