Fiddlers and Fairytales

Students perform violin duet for classmates

Emily Fortin, Staff Writer

At 9:53 AM on Tuesday, Nov 9, clumps of students gathered in the new 200 hall addition. Among these groups, two seniors pulled out their violins and tightened their bows. 

Foreign exchange senior Simone Aguzzi and the recent addition to the tiger family, senior Hannah Khan, performed the popular Tik Tok song “Fairytale” by Alexander Rybak on their instruments for those nearby to enjoy.

The idea of playing for the school was first suggested to the duo by teacher Jason Dolezal. Dolezal, upon learning about the two’s talents, encouraged the students to perform for their fellow classmates.

“Dolezal suggested we play something together,” said Aguzzi. “Hannah found this piece called ‘Fairytale’ and it was fun.”

The push to play from Dolezal stemmed from his belief that the performing arts, particularly instrumental art forms, need more support and representation at BV.

“I completely agree with [Dolezal],” said Khan. “From the few weeks I’ve spent here at Blue Valley, I can see there’s a big emphasis on sports, so I think it’s important to shed more light on the arts here.”

Both of the orchestra students love the music they are able to produce when they play.

“I first started playing when I was four years old, so I didn’t understand what I was doing,” Aguzzi said. “But eventually I understood that music was one of my biggest passions.”

The group hopes that this event will inspire other BV students to step forward and show off their musical skills during the school day. But for now, the musicians are satisfied with their hard work and excited for the potential opportunities to play their instruments for more students as the year progresses.

“I really loved performing after so long,” Khan said. “I would love to [perform] again.”