Recovery on the Horizon

Sophomore breaks leg playing soccer

Rhylan Stern, Staff Writer

Injuries can be common among athletes, especially leg injuries among soccer athletes. Sophomore Maddy Przblinski is one of these injured soccer players.

“I’m a goalie on my soccer team and I went up to save a ball. This girl kicked me in the leg. [I] basically broke [both] my tibia and fibula in half,” said Przblinski. “I had to have surgery and get a big titanium rod put in my leg.”

With every injury, the process of recovering can be different for everyone. For Przblinski, it has been a hard and long couple of months.

“I had to stay home for two weeks after [the surgery], then it was really hard to come back to school. It was hard to be here,” said Przblinski. 

During these months, she has found many things difficult

“I was in a wheelchair for a while and that was kind of hard, but I got to leave class five minutes early, which was nice,” said Przblinski.  “Now I’m on crutches, which is a lot more tiring, but it’s easier because I can do more things by myself.”

Currently, Przybylinski is still recovering mentally and physically.

“I really want to get back to playing [but] I think I’ll be hesitant for a while because [the injury was] kind of traumatizing,” said Przblinski. “It all depends on my physical therapy. I should be fully healed [in] three or four months, but not back to 100 percent for a while.”