Humans of BV: Ashlyn Richardson

Chanie Rankin, Staff Writer

A lot of students are involved in CAPS to further their knowledge of possible careers. Senior Ashlyn Richardson is currently taking Foundations of Medicine and plans on taking the CNA course next year. 

“Eventually, I want to work as a NICU nurse in a hospital,” Richardson said. “I thought this would be a good first step to get to know it and see if I really like it.” 

After COVID-19, the need for nurses has grown and shown how important they are to society.

“Right now in our course we are getting CPR certified,” Richardson. “We have dummies and people to give us feedback.” 

Richardson loves the opportunities and structure the CAPS program provides.

“I love the freeform learning environment and how fluid it is,” Richardson said. “There are a lot of awesome people in the medicine strand.”