Christmas Craze

Sophomore goes all-out for Christmas 


Amy Collins, Staff Writer

As Christmas is approaching, many people are getting ready for the holiday by putting up their Christmas trees, jamming out to Christmas music and watching holiday movies in order to get into the holiday spirit.

Sophomore Macie Berry goes all-out for Christmas as it is her favorite time of year. Some people may think she is a little crazy — she calls it being festive. It’s a tradition for Berry to put her tree up in her room tree earlier than most people do.

“I normally put up my Christmas tree on Nov. 1,” Berry said. “It’s pretty big. It’s 5 to 5.5 feet [tall].”
Music is another essential part when it comes to getting into the holiday spirit. Berry starts preparing for Christmas way in advance by listening to classic holiday songs.

“I start playing Christmas music a little bit around October,” she said. “I play it religiously after [the start of] November.”
Berry has a playlist full of holiday music that she likes to blast out loud, which sometimes can get on her family members’ nerves.

“My dad’s like, ‘You’ve got toturn down the music,’” Berry said. “My favorite Christmas songs are ‘Christmas Cookies’ by George Strait, ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ [by Gene Autry] and ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ [by Hugh Martin].”Another tradition for Berry and her family is to bake a lot of holiday treats.

“I like making cookies with my family,” she said. “On Christmas Eve, my dad and I always make the family recipe for cinnamon rolls, and I like doing that with him.”

Christmas decorations around the house are a vital part of getting into the Christmas spirit for Berry.

Infographic by Amy Collins

“We have lights, the tree, of course, and then these little figurines of elves and nutcrackers,” Berry said. “My stepmom decorates the house with wreaths and other stuff starting in November just because it’s wintery.”

She also enjoys watching classic Christmas movies all throughout November and leading up to Christmas. Her favorite holiday movies include ‘Elf,’ ‘Holiday’ and her all-time favorite, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas.’

Berry enjoys the holiday season and everything that comes with this time of year. However, her family does not share the same appreciation for Christmas as she does.

“My whole family hates Christmas, but I love it so much,” Berry said. “It’s like my favorite thing ever.”

She is used to her friends and family members tease her for her over-the-top Christmas spirit as she has always been very enthusiastic about the holiday.

“Everybody makes fun of me — but I think it is so funny,” Berry said. “I have been like this forever.”

Berry loves the holidays for so much more than just the decorations and the traditions that come with Christmas.

“Everybody’s cheerful around Christmas time,” Berry said. “It’s just a happy holiday.”